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About Me

My name is Kiera. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and I have cerebral palsy. That's a condition that's different for everybody, but generally affects a person's motor skills, like walking, speech and tying shoes. Everybody is different.


But I don’t let that slow me down. I try to travel, as often as I can, using wheelchairs and walkers to see some of the biggest attractions in the world as well as the sights just up the street or a few towns over.


But it takes a lot of planning, research and hard work to do it.


I hope this website helps people realize they can get out and see the world, no matter what challenges they face. They just might have to do it a little differently.


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About My Blog Staff

Ok....I don't actually pay may parents, but they do help me with this blog. 

Head Researcher and Writer - Kiera Sparks Lucas

Writing is one of my favourite things to do. I gather information for my blog when I'm travelling or on a local adventure. I make sure my stepdad takes lots of photos. I write the first drafts of every post, and then I work with my stepdad to make sure it is just right for posting. He is a professional journalist and he helps me a lot with my writing and I'm learning a lot through this process. 

Head Editor and Photographer - Devin Stevens

Devin started this blog with me so we could spend time together and because he knows how much I care about accessibility and travel. He takes most of the pictures but that is because when we are on vacation he takes all of the photos! Sometimes it is hard to find one with him in it. He also works with me to edit the blog, making sure everything is spelled correctly, that it is organized well, and that I haven't left out any important information. He is awesome.

Head Designer and Publisher - Michelle Stevens

In this case they are really the same thing, but my mom also wanted two titles. Mom did not want to be left out of the family blog so she designed this website. I didn't even know she knew how to do that! Once a blog post is ready my mom posts it on the website and adds all of the pictures. We think that is great because me and Devin don't want to do it. 

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